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How long does it take for delivery from the time I order?
Orders are delivered within 5 working days within Australia. International may vary depending on the country but will be received within 28 working days.

Can I send an order to a different address?
Yes you may send an order to another address. Once you add an address to your address book it will be saved and can be easily used for any future orders.

If there is a problem with a product what can I do?
You can return the product for a replacement if the item doesn't fit or has a manufacturing fault. For further details please see the Shipping & Returns page.

What forms of payment do you accept?
PayPal is used to process payments. Credit cards and debit cards can be used with PayPal plus other options such as bank account. Please see www.paypal.com.au for further details.

Are my credit card details stored on your server or databases?
No. All transactions are processed by PayPal. We do not ask for or store any credit card details on our website server or databases.

Is my personal information secure?
Yes, all your information including contact and address details are safe and secure. Our website is secured with a SSL certificate.

Do the prices include GST?
Yes all items include GST by default. If you are not from Australia you will only see prices without GST once you are logged in.

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