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Boys and Girls Dress-up Package

Our Price$857.22  Sale Price$642.91Save: 25%


A Pre-selected Package thoughtfully curated for your childcare.

Boys and Girls Dress-up Box Includes
9 x Girls Dress-up
7 x Boys Dress-up
10 x Accessories

Value $857.22 - 25% = $642.91

Quality Kids Dress-Up Costumes for your Centre – Are yours looking tired?

Time to update!

Playing dress ups provides children with a unique learning experience through role play. It encourages imaginative play and increases self-awareness.

Lets dress up is the leading Retailer/Wholesaler of beautiful dress ups for boys and girls, we pride ourselves on providing robust and affordable costumes for kids. Our dress-ups are designed to be played in and are made to last.

Our range includes, dragons, fairies, cowboys, Indians, doctors, fire, construction, police princess, mermaids, wizards and so much more.

Due to the great quality of our garments this investment will last a very long time as well as add a touch of enchantment to your Childcare rooms.

Please take a look at the wonderful DRESS-UP BOX SETS I have curated for you

You will receive a 25% discount at checkout .

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